Privacy and confidentiality of sessions and data is key.

The QPS acknowledges that prevailing stigma associated with seeking help within and outside of the organisation whether for a personal or work-related issue. Your privacy and confidentiality is of the upmost importance to the SelfRefer team and QPS more broadly. It’s important to us that your sessions remain private and confidential.

During the development of the SelfRefer program, significant consultation occurred with the Office of the Information Commissioner to ensure the program meets the requirements of the Queensland Information and Privacy Legislation.

That’s why the rediCASE software platform was selected for all vetted SelfRefer Providers to use in the program. The rediCASE software has been developed and is operated by an external provider, the Redbourne Group.

Each SelfRefer Provider has unique user permissions, where they can only access their client’s information into the system. They will only enter information into the rediCASE system to:

  1. collect information about the SelfRefer client
  2. manage the SelfRefer client program and progress
  3. invoice the QPS for payment using deidentified information

What type of information will the Service Provider collect?

Once you make contact with one of the SelfRefer Providers, you will be asked to provide standard information as a new client. This information will be recorded and stored within rediCASE with strict user protocols, only available to the Provider you are working with.

The basic client information that the Provider will collect is as follows:

  • Your name
  • Your gender
  • Your date of birth
  • Your presenting issue (e.g., Workplace Stress)
  • If you are meeting with the Provider in person or via telehealth
  • Proof of current employment within the QPS via your payroll number

note: you will need to have your valid QPS ID when you attend your appointment (either via telehealth or in person).

What information will the QPS have access to?

The QPS SelfRefer Manager and SelfRefer Administration Officer will have limited access to rediCASE.

To facilitate payment of SelfRefer sessions, the following information will be included on electronic invoices

  • De-identified client number (e.g., QPS1002)
  • Number of sessions attended
  • SelfRefer provider name

No other or identifiable information will be contained on the invoices.

Separate to the invoicing, the SelfRefer Manager will have access to a list of the names and QPS identification numbers of SelfRefer clients.

Access to this information is necessary for two purposes:

  1. To conduct financial and fraud auditing in order to ensure the integrity of the program; and
  2. To facilitate cost recuperation when a member has an accepted WorkCover claim pertaining

At no stage will the SelfRefer Manager or Administration Officer have information pertaining to the reasons for attending a Provider, session notes, or any other personal information.

Finally, to monitor and evaluate this program and as part of regular reporting to the Executive Leadership Team, high-level data will be provided to the SelfRefer Manager directly by rediCASE.

This data will include specific monthly reporting figures such as:

  • number of total SelfRefer clients
  • percentage of total SelfRefer clients by gender
  • percentage of total SelfRefer clients who are police officers or staff members
  • broad overview of reasons SelfRefer clients are presenting to the Providers
  • percentage of appointment types (i.e. in-person or telehealth)

It is important to note that this will be completely de-identified and any individual data will not be provided to the SelfRefer Manager or the QPS. Rather, the SelfRefer Manager will be provided with a broad overview of the above data monthly as per reporting requirements.

Will my information or data be accessible by the QPS or anyone else?

In line with each mental health professional’s strict code of conduct and ethics, client information and data is protected and confidential. The only exceptions are:

  • the client is at imminent risk of harm to themselves or others
  • the Provider’s records and notes are subpoenaed by court
  • if the client provides consent for their information to be released to a person with legal authority to act on their behalf

It is recommended that members contact relevant Provider/s to obtain the specific information about their limits of confidentiality.

If you have an accepted WorkCover claim, the SelfRefer Manager (on behalf of the QPS) will access your basic information in the rediCASE system as part of the process. This information will ONLY ever include:

  • your name (attached to the generated client ID number)
  • the Provider you have engaged with
  • how many sessions you have attended
  • the invoices for those sessions

The SelfRefer Manager and by extension the QPS will never seek to access your confidential information or data discussed during your sessions.

Do you want to know more about how SelfRefer is maintaining your Privacy Principles as outlined in the Queensland Information and Privacy Legislation?

Feel free to read ‘SelfRefer privacy statement’ PDF, available to download here.